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About me 

The Full Story

My name is Rebecca Lousie Thomas and I am the creator of Stay Wild .. its a lifestyle. Describing myself... I would say that I am an energetic, friendly, and enthusiastic individual who absolutely loves to discover remote places, explore, and adventure, which directs me to learn about different backgrounds, other individual experiences, and cultures.

 “I’m the kind of person to talk to anyone and wish strangers good morning”

Outdoor living and good vibes only is my thing, being outdoors in nature, in the ocean, and in the wild fuels me, I like to experience every inch of the outdoors, my hobbies include, paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, hiking, bicycle riding (on and off-road) discovering new places and rural areas, yoga, sports, camping, beach and beach/ocean clean-ups and most of all, taking myself to the most rural areas and places to be among the wilderness.


The Mission

Our mission is to showcase outdoor living, outdoor fitness/sports, and outdoor activities, share ideas that can help achieve a healthy lifestyle and gain benefits from healthier habits from the outdoors.

We believe being among nature and deepening your relationship with our planet may improve your well-being, how you feel, and your mindset.

The Vision

We are currently working on a personal blog project and have created this brand "Stay Wild it’s a Lifestyle" in which it is hoped that we can successfully gain more exposure to outdoor living, outdoor activities, and healthy guides that you may benefit from. 

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